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Home Page

Welcome to the Promote the Vote website. This is our home page. Click on our logo at any time to come back to this page.

We are part of an organisation called Speaking Up based in Cambridge in Eastern England.

We have led 50 workshops for people with learning disabilities about voting, explaining why we think it is a good idea to register to vote so you can have your say.

We have created this website so that even more people with learning disabilities can find out about voting.

This is how to use our website.

To find out more about voting, click on the pink 'About Voting' button.

To find out how to lead your own workshop, click on the green 'Workshops' button.

To meet the Promote The Vote team, click on the orange 'About Us' button .

To find out how to contact Speaking Up, click on the blue 'Contact' Button.

If you would like to change the colour behind the text, or make the text bigger, click on the letters on the green stripe above the buttons.

You can stop the video at any time by clicking on the square button under the video. You can start it again at the same place by clicking on the forwards arrow which comes up every time you stop the video. If you want to go back to the start of the video, click on the backwards arrow.

You can click on the ballot box button to do a little test to see what you know about choosing who to vote for.

QuestionMarkButton2 We would really like to find out what you think of this website. Click on the Blue button with the question mark to answer our two questions.